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WordBits is a versatile system of related puzzles and games that are fun and educational.  They can be played as solitary, social, and competitive activities. Play can range from leisurely to furiously fast. Playing WordBits develops multiple skills and is beneficial for the maintenance and improvement of brain function.


The puzzles and games are designed to be simple to learn but progressively challenging. People play at their skill level and advance to higher levels as they gain experience. Handicapping is easily done to allow less experienced players to compete against good players. Most anyone can play, including kids still learning their alphabet and seniors who wish to restore, maintain, or improve mental acuity.


What are “word bits”? They are building blocks of words, consisting of two letters in a particular order. Single letters are also word building blocks, and in WordBits parlance they are called “little bits”. Together, word bits and little bits are simply called “bits”.


There are numerous WordBits puzzles and games. The common object of most is to link bits to form words that three to six letters long. There are also puzzles and games that focus on letter recognition rather than word formation, and these are suitable even for young children and certain seniors.


The WordBits set contains tiles in eight color groups of 20 word bits each. There are also 80 little bits. Many puzzles and games can be played with just one or a few color groups, and/or without the little bits. Some may be played on paper, computer, or in the internet instead of with tiles. But the whole tile set is needed to enjoy and benefit from the rich variety of fun and educational activities offered by the system.